The Miswak basically refers to a tree twig which is used to clean our teeth and mouth. It comes from the tree Salvadora persica. Miswak is reputed to be used over 7,000 years ago. Miswak was used by all the messengers of Allah, and still is a well-known practice among Muslims and all over the world. Miswak is an oral hygiene tool that has been used since ancient times.


Importance of Miswak

Miswak is very important for our teeth and health. From the following narrations, we get to know about the importance of miswak

The messenger of Allah (SAW) said,

  • “I was commanded to use siwak (miswak) to such an extent that I expected or I thought that some verse of the Qur’an would be revealed upon me regarding it”.
  • “I was recommended to use siwak (Miswak) so repeatedly that I feared it would be made obligatory on me”.

Miswak Benefits for Teeth

There are many scientists who believes that Miswak is very good for oral hygiene and mouth cleaning. No toothpaste is required to use miswak. Following are the benefits of miswak for teeth.

  • Helps in fighting cavities
  • Preserve already decayed teeth from getting worse
  • Protects aganist dental plaque
  • Fights against germs and harmful bacteria
  • It strenghthens the gums
  • Removes bad odor from mouth and promotes the feeling of cleanliness
  • Helps to overcome pain, germs and swelling of gums

Miswak Benefits for Stomach

African and Middle east people take miswak leaves so much due to their astringent property for the purpose of better digestion and other gastric problems. For better results Miswak leaves shloud be regularly used with empty stomach.

The sweet fruit from miswak tree prevent from liver, stomach and other related diseases. The bark of the miswak tree helps tp treat stomach ulcers and epilepsy.

Miswak Benefits for Skin

Miswak has many benefits for skin that’s why it is used in many medical face creams. It’s antibacterial property helps in treating fungal infections on the skin. We can make paste of miswak fruit, leaves or bark and apply on skin.

The bark of miswak tree helps in regulating the menstural cycle, the fruit of miswak tree helps in treating different skin infections. Concluding all this a miswak prevents our body from all types of cancers, diseases and infections.

Types of Miswak

Any soft tree twig can be used as miswak. The miswak branch should be such that it should not cause any damage to the teeth and the gums. Following are the best trees to obtain miswaks from

  • Peelu
  • Olive
  • Neem
  • Oleander


The miswak from peelu tree have very soft fibers and it contains calcium and phosphorous in it which helps in strengthen the brain. The outer layer of fresh peelu contains natural antibiotics which have properties similar to penicillin.

Peelu miswak is available in different flavors in the market, among which mint flavor is the most popular one. It refreshes the mouth with a good smell. Regular use of this miswak removes your taste bud’s sensitivity and leaves your teeth cleaner and more white.

Olive (Zaitoon)

The miswak from olive tree is best for toothache problems. It helps in removing any tooth problem, fighting cavities and tooth decay. It also improves the eyesight and delays aging.The olive tree is mentioned as the best tree in the holy Qur’an.


The oleander plant has red or white flowers. It’s miswak is very bitter however, this is what makes the miswak beneficial for the teeth. it helps against severe toothache and keeps the teeth shiny and strong.



The neem miswak is also beneficial beacuse of it’s bitter taste. Neem miswak is also a very good disinfectant with antibacterial and antifungal properties. This miswak is recommended for prevention from oral infections.

Prepare Miswak for Use

To prepare miswak for use first we have to saok miswak in fresh water for 8 hours until it’s outer layer becomes soften and outer layer of twig is removed . Then it is chewed in one end until it becomes a brush liked form which is used to clean the teeth, mouth and gums. Ater some time cut the upper part and repeat the same steps and perpare miswak for use.


Usually it is recommended that people should use miswak five times a day before every namaz while doing ablution. Following are the steps to use miswak

  • Use miswak with your right hand
  • Clean your teeth starting from right to left
  • Clean your tongue with miswak

People should use miswak upon waking up, before every ablution, before every prayer, At tahajjud, on fridays, before reciting the Qur’an, while fasting and upon entering the house.

Miswak for Children

It is recommended that child should be at the age of 2 when start to use miswak. This the age when children can listen to the instructions correctly and adhere them correctly. Following are the advantages of miswak for kids.

  • Because Miswak has a mild taste, children who dislike the taste of toothpaste might like chewing stick.
  • Miswak might be a very good distraction for the kids who need to breakout from oral bad habbits like thumb swallowing
  • The gentle bristles of miswak clean the teeth of children without damaging the gums
  • The natural fluoride in miswak protect their teeth from cavities
  • The chewing motion helps in more saliva production which helps in neutralize the plaque acids

Is Miswak better or Toothbrush?

Now a big question comes “Is miswak better or toothbrush?”.

Answering this question, miswak is better than toothbrush.

People should use miswak regularly and make it a habbit to use miswak five times a day. Its also a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW PBUH.

Ahadtih on the Excellence of Miswak
Hadith 1:

The Beloved Prophet (SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam) states, “Miswak is a thing that pleases the Merciful Lord.” [Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 1, Page 637, Hadith 1933]
So it is obvious that one will reap endless bounties when the Lord Almighty is pleased.

Hadith 2:

The Noble Prophet (SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam) has stated, “When any one of you stand at night to offer Salah, you should clean your teeth with a Miswak because when you recite the Quran, an angel places his mouth on yours and anything coming out of your mouth enters the mouth of that angel.” [Shu’ab al-Iman, Vol. 2, Page 381, Hadith 2117]

Hadith 3:

Sayyiduna Abu Umamah (Radi Allahu Anhu) has narrated the following saying of the Holy Prophet (SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam), “Miswak is a means of the purification of your mouths and the pleasure of your Rabb.” [Sunan Ibn Majah, Page 2495, Hadith 289]

Prices of Different Miswaks in Pakistan

Price of different miswaks in Pakistan are,

  • Zaitoon (Olive) Miswak: Rs.30/-each
  • Peelu Miswak: Rs.35/-each
  • Peelu Vaccum Packed Miswak: Rs.45/-each
  • Neem Miswak: Rs.50/-each 

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