Ahkam e Tajweed Book Urdu Part-1, Part-2 & Part-3 Set by Usatza Kareema Cczerepinski 
Ahkam e Tajweed Book Urdu translated in Urdu by Mrs Tehseen Iftikhar & Mrs Rabia Gohar from its Arabic version. 
This is very easy and comprehensive book to learn Tajweed of Quran.
Usatza Kareema Cczerepinski

How many Volumes are available in Urdu Translation

Tajveed RulesAt the moment three volumes are available in Urdu Translation (Part-1, Part-2 & Part-3)

Price of Each Volume & Set

Part-1 Pak Rs.650/-, Part-2 Pak Rs.650/- & Part-3 Pak Rs.1,200/-, Three Volume Set Pak Rs.2,400/-

Delivery Options

Deliveries are available all across Pakistan & all around the world

How to Order

1.) Just visit https://www.786islamicstore.com/product/ahkam-tajweed-al-quran-urdu-translation-3-vol-set-by-usatza-kareema-czerepinski/

2.) Send your message at our WhatsApp number 0345-5011101



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